A person, man or woman, who possesses inherent qualities of an unrelenting or unwaivering ideology, often baseless and of strong conviction.
Person 1: I told Johnny he was wrong about the Earth being flat, but he's too headstrong to listen to reason.
Person 2: Yeah, that guy's a dumbass.
by 🐺 August 21, 2017
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Headstrong refers to a man who has a facade of toughness but who is fragile as an egg and who is easily pushed to outbursts of emotion.
Man, why are you being such a Headstrong, I was just talking about George W. Bush
by Louis Rivas January 18, 2005
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Headstrong is a name given to ravers who can take large quantities of LSD without losing the plot.
"Only for the HeadStrong... you know the score ;)"
by Snow_E October 8, 2006
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an overly ambitious, competitive person who does what they want without listening to what others have to say.
Your life is no fun, you are a headstrong gunner.
by benisntokay March 8, 2023
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A person from the female gender who is strong at giving head aka blowjows. The word mama after it means that she also had excessive experience and is a veteran performer.
That bitch was a headstrong mama. She could blow all night long.
by Straninsky January 22, 2017
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