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Bro 1: Did you see the X games?
Bro 2: yeah bro, they were wick.
by I stole your girl December 30, 2016
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The small piece of skin next to your finger nail that gets lifted up, often resembling the wick of a candle. Often very irritating and hard to stop playing with.
The wick on my finger is really starting to piss me off.
by Unjesus January 27, 2009
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- Refers to someone who likes to act as a gangster and also someone who likes the King of Prussia (KOP) Mall.
"Yo, Yo, Yo KOP," said Wick.

"Man that kid is such a wick He is constantly up my arse about going to KOP on Friday."
by JSIW November 21, 2008
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A short version of wicked (meaning great, brilliant, superb).
Not that there really needs to be but it sounds good when you shout it!
"That's wick, man!"
"You are wick, guy!"
"That's a wick track you are playing on your Ipod!"
by TimmyBoingboing January 15, 2006
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V: To steal something from one, particularly virginity.
Dude, I knew you weren't experienced, but did I seriously just wick your virginity?
by xxKei September 4, 2010
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- Any person who is the man and can get any girl that comes his way.
- A guy who is obsessed with the KOP mall, and refers to the mall with gangster hand motions.

- Anyone who enjoys bananas.

"Yo, yo, yo, KOP KOP KOP!"
"Ur such a wick."
by H.O.V.A works at rocafella December 22, 2008
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