Afrikaans style hip-hop music. Drawing strongly from UK rave and grime culture, Zef rap-rave is led by South African super group Die Antwoord. You really just have to listen/see for yourself to fully understand...

dieantwoord dot com
o fokken die antwoord make only the full on fokken batty brain zef rap-rave shit, yea

dieantwoord dot com is the best example on the web
by MUNTZ February 8, 2010
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Adj; Party flat, accommodation frequenting debauchery, rented town house for partying longer than a decade.
You cats going to the grandstand at 54 Zef for the game this weekend?
by redditUN:_danimal June 12, 2021
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A guy that really likes to drive a green mini cooper with his fellow companian teddy. He also plays futsal at pesta futsal court everyday but is always late to arrive.
Dont be a zef
by juren December 30, 2017
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A man who is quite known to be apart of a dangerous gang known as team a which causes havoc to schools nation wide and is extremely sussy
Look at him loitering” “that must be Zef”
by 8illy April 26, 2022
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An ugly piece of shit that will never be loved by kiar...
I am a zef nobody will love ne
by Nanay mo November 6, 2019
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a cocklicker that likes dick up his bum and “would die to get some balls in his mouth”. a man who thinks he is better than everyone but is simply just a gay cockfuck that deserves to be hit
zef loves getting anal on the weekend
by hellohihej December 16, 2019
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