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n. A rare sexual move due to initial pain from both sides: results in intense pleasure if done correctly. You CANNOT you lubricant, or it's called anal sex. The act consists of a man with a larger penis thrusting it into a partner's anus, causing mild to severe tearing. The partner subsequently yells out in pain, but then the heavenly pleasure causes them to sing out a rich, harmonious note matched only by the man himself.
Julie : "Hey, Darla baby, why's there blood dripping down from between your legs? I thought you got your period last week!"

Darla : "No, silly, Jim gave me a Fred Ass-tear last night; it was the most wonderful thing I've ever experienced!"
by averygoodburger February 18, 2010
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A joystick that protrudes from a man's pelvic region - if its button is pressed enough, can cause salty white ice cream to come out, short circuiting the penis, and causing it recede to flaccidity.
Guy - "While playing Star Wars: Rouge Squadron II yesterday, my joystick broke, so I pulled out my spare penis. But there were so many TIE fighters, and I ended up spilling my ice cream all over my keyboard!"
by averygoodburger February 18, 2010
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Die Antwoord is a fairly new South African hip-hop/zef group. The group is composed of Ninja, the lead rapper, Yo-Landi Vi$$er aka Rich Bitch, who attracts many Lolita pedophiles, and DJ Hi-Tek, who has recently gone missing. Die Antwoord has almost released its first album, $O$. They are popular for their racy and risky videos, Zef Side and Enter the Ninja. Die Antwoord is not just a normal group; they brainwash you with the weird amazingness that can only be experienced by watching a video of their's.
Dude : "Who are Die Antwoord, they are the shit! Gangsta skeelz? What the hell? Yes!"

LoliPerv : "Yeah, I know, I just want to tap Yo-Landi's hot little pussy!"

Dude : "Erm...?"
by averygoodburger February 17, 2010
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Afrikaans slang for "redneck" as coined by Die Antwoord
Ninja: "Yo dis style ees Zef, man. It's hardcore takin over za interwebz with mah gangsta skeelz!"
by averygoodburger February 18, 2010
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