Zayd is introverted, kind, selfless and the most amazing guy you'll ever meet. He is also really cute and everyone likes him because he is such a perfect being. He makes a great friend, he is funny, has the most georgous eyes, and very very caring..He will help you if you are going through stuff and he is also my best friend!!
Zayd is such an amazing guy
by sadgirl958 July 10, 2021
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A Hot amazing smart sexc sport funny popular rich guy who gets all the ladies and can beat anyone up.
OMG, That guy is amazing at everything he does. He's such a Zayd.
by White Chocolate 69420 April 29, 2020
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Zayd is the best
by 098-= December 13, 2018
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1.) A man who is Phallicly Inclined.
2.) Man who has ability to do amazing things. Same meaning as prodigy/paradigm
1.) Man, he is like a horse. No, he is hung like Zayd.
2.) Man, that guy is like a prodigy of the caliber of mozart or einstein. I disagree he is even more amazing. He is a Zayd.
by pimpjuice January 26, 2005
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1. Gay ass kids who don't like talking to girls but finna tryna smash right away
Bruh, that lil kid such a Zayd.
by MKMKMKK April 29, 2019
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