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A sweeter, much more awesome way to say exactly.
Friend: "So you only play the guitar to pick up chicks?"
Me: "Zactly dude, zactly..."
by Angrygorilla February 15, 2007
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a word created by cole, it's a better way of saying "exactly" the z makes it sound cool and can be used verbally and in messages.
cole~ "can you publish zactly on urban dictionary?"
jess~ " for you, anything."
by piggy;) June 08, 2019
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When a person's breath smells exactly like ass crack.
Damn bitch! You got the zactly!
by dRobb December 02, 2006
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Pronounced:(zakt-lay) An alternative pronunciation for the English word "exactly". Often used in interjection to acknowledge and praise a play on words - generally involving sexual innuendo. May also be used to confirm the meaning of a comically unclear sentence.
"Have a good trip! Come back in one piece!"
"You mean, don't come back any gayer than you already are?"
by neonScarecrow December 23, 2013
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