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To explain how something could have been simpler/better after it is too late to correct it.
After climbing 17 flights of stairs, my friend yuried me by showing me that the building had an elevator the entire time.
by Scualo August 04, 2010
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YURIED is the most loyal person you will ever meet. She is spontaneous and knows her way around life. She has an amazing unique name how she got it is classified. She can get new friends everyday even if they are fake. If you get her mad she'll kick your motherfucking ass. she is beautiful and would never ever disrespect her parents but her teachers is a different story. If you ever ever met her she will treat you with the greatest respect. yuried will be the greatest friend you will ever have.
i found myself a new best-friend, yuried
by yuried May 09, 2018
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