"Sup, Makotz!"
"Hey, sup d-o-g-g!"
by Samo October 18, 2003
Japanese guy with a small penis. This guy will have the biggest ego in the world but when you get down and dirty, you'll be disappointed.
"Hey I heard you and Makoto had sex last night."
"As if, his dick was smaller than my little brother's... I don't have a little brother."
by MalumaBae March 15, 2017
From the Enchanted Arms game,Atsuma's and Toya's classmate at Enchant University. Makoto is openly gay and his friends like to call him the "yellow otomegokoro." He is blindly in love with Toya (though Toya does not appear to reciprocate Makoto's feelings) and Toya is the center of all of his actions and thoughts. Makoto has a confrontational attitude with Atsuma because he is jealous of Atsuma and Toya's close friendship. Makoto has a tendency to act first and ask questions later and bases his actions on likes and dislike rather than on the logic or social conventions.
Makoto's gay.What else is there to explain?
by EnchantedArmsFreak March 20, 2010
a little hamster looking sushi eater
by curryyyy October 1, 2009
Bitch, stop being such a Makoto. You're flirting with all the fucking girls
by Weird gorl September 30, 2018
Trouble making wise ass genome girl
also a:
Brit (says it all really)
Inventor of the word Kiyasa
Ellusive and Dangerous
Health Hazard
*makoto eats a muffin* kiyasa!
by genius 1.5 March 17, 2004