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Unicorns are a creature supposed to be mythical. The ones in myths are typically breathtakingly beautiful, and their horns are known to have magical properties. Unicorn blood will keep a person alive, or immortal even. While this type is not real, there is a unicorn that is. It is actually rather ugly, with no magical powers, but it is the national animal of Scotland. Look this up; you’ll see it’s true.

Other small fact: Marco Polo thought rhinos were unicorns!
by Ok hun September 13, 2019
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Somebody who generally loves food of all different kinds, and likes to try new foods. Some foodies don’t actually have a favorite food, because they really can’t decide.
I’m a foodie.

What’s your favorite food?
I don’t have one. I really can’t decide!
by Ok hun September 30, 2019
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This is the real me.

I’ve never worn makeup

Or even a crop top

I bite every single fingernail

My face is so very pale

But then again, I’ve got red ears
I’m so weird and queers

My hair, always in a messy bun
When it’s down, looks like it wants to run

Away from my face, it sticks out frizzy
I’m all in a tizzy

Ive got braces
And bold glasses

But you know what? This is who I am
I don’t need to be watched by a cam

I love to be me
Because I’m so free

Of jealousy, no wishes to be someone else

None of that stress

Let’s stop with comparison
And promote self-love, saying, “I won!”
This is me, the one that isn’t fake, but instead is truthful. The one that knows her faults, but is still proud.
by Ok hun September 18, 2019
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A delicious food made with wheat in the form of strands.

The Chinese actually invented the noodle. According to a myth, two small boys had a food fight with rice. But there were too many grains to pick up, so they invented noodles.
by Ok hun September 18, 2019
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Most definitions here say that to be obese is idiotic. In most cases, it’s not. For some people, it’s an eating disorder caused by a wide range of things. Depression, as one example. For others, they don’t have control over their weight. This might be because of medications or an underlying disease. Some people are obese and doing everything that they can short of starving themselves and it still doesn’t work.

Never ever judge an obese person too soon. They may have a legitimate reason. And don’t insult anyone about it. After all, that’s their body, their business.
Judging guy: He’s obese, he must be a lazy retard
Smart guy: Oh please, be a little nicer. You have no idea what his condition is.
by Ok hun September 10, 2019
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To me,

Beauty is like
The rippling sea
Or going on a hike

Looks over mountains

Maybe twinkle fireflies

Flowing fountains

Fresh baked pies
Having success
Wild horses in herds
A brand new dress
My favorite book

Filled with words
Take it to read in a nook
A starry night
The spreading wings
Of an eagles’ flight
Sweet voice sings
In a church with an old stone steeple
And worshiping people

The smell of steaming tea
Sprinkling snow

This wonderful beauty

As I watch from the window
Beauty is not always in a person. So often, we find it in other things.
by Ok hun September 11, 2019
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To be perfect is to have no faults. No one, and I mean no one, can achieve it. So then my question is...why do we all work so hard for it? Let’s stop with this striving for perfection and instead recognize our problems, and love ourselves. And by that I mean both parts of us, the good and the bad.
How do I become perfect?
It’s not possible. Love yourself just the way you are.
by Ok hun September 28, 2019
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