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Smart, tenacious, nice, supportive, challenging, honest, blunt, a good communicator.
You always want a Yue on your side at work!
by Ghost64 December 01, 2010
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Frenemy has a family tragedy. "Thoughts and prayers."
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Chinese for moon. And a fecking great guy in Cardcaptor Sakura - an angel...he rocks man!
The Yue lights up the night.
Watashi no namae wa Yue (my name is Yue - in Japanese)
by Angel February 24, 2005
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A term used to describe the Sinicized Baiyue or Asian languages, such as Cantonese, Taishanese (Sze Yap), and Goulou, of Kwangtung, South China (Baiyue Land), Hong Kong, and Macau. Another Sinicized Baiyue language, Hakka, shares some loansome words, some pronunciation, and some Hanzi characters with Cantonese and Hokkien, which is lumped under the Min language family of Fujian, South China and Taiwan. However, Hakka is viewed as a different Vietic language, and it is mostly related to the Gan language of Jiangxi, South China. In fact, Yue is also used to describe a group of indigenous people inhabiting South China under the Yangtze River and to a certain degree, Southeast Asia, particularity Vietnam, and most of them are not Chinese or not descendants of the Yellow Emperor from North China's Yellow River genetically and culturally.
"Yue" is another term for "Viet" in Asia.
by TheUnknown21 June 08, 2019
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a crazy ass chinese hottie who sleeps around and definately isnt a 'Kerry', however she does love to 'Niall' and loves 'Leon' she may sometimes turn into a rat or a pig unexpectedly.
'Look at that chinese girl goin for it'
'Shes such a yue'
by hankiman December 17, 2003
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synonym for oppurtunity
"That new job will open up a whole lot of yue(s) for you"
by Anonymous September 26, 2003
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A Yue is an odd college student who loves Sams. Yues are usually happy emo kids. They like math and youtube. Yues and Sams together usually generate the music, Weezer. Japanese Yues are rare, if you find one, kidnap it. The usual physical characteristics of a Yue includes; Side swept bangs, eye shadow, skinny brows and perfect teeth. They usually wear skinny jeans, scarves, Mobius band bracelets, red shirts, and striped ties with the accompanied penguin suit.
Girl: OMG! It's a Yue!!!
Girl 2: No way. That's totally an emo kid.
Yue: I'm totally not. I just try to look it, cuz emo people are like .. so hawt.
Girl 1 and 2: *swoon*

by Whatchamacallit August 17, 2006
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