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The more pitiful European American supremacist version of Adolf Hitler. Richard Spencer showed plenty of signs of Nazism by giving the Hitler-inspired Nazi salute "Hail Trump!", "Hail our people!", and "Hail victory!" in a public speech, and his stupid cultists blindly agree with him. Furthermore, Richard Spencer said that Jews are "not people", and he supports the "peaceful ethnic cleansing" of all nonwhites to only allow the white race to reside in the USA as "the true natives", but the Native Americans settled in America from Siberia, Northeast Asia about 10,000 years ago at the end of the last Ice Age before European settlers arrived to America from approximately 500 years earlier. Europeans invaded, raped, enslaved, killed, and stole from many Native Americans as well as putting them in reservations and forcing a certain number of them to be intermarried and assimilated to become white Hispanics or Latinos.
Richard Spencer needs to return to his woodwork to hit the books to relearn history and politics, so receiving an education will make him to abandon his prejudice ways against nonwhites by being nice and respectful to them in society, which will owe him in return with good karma. On the other hand, Richard Spencer is still too stubborn or full of pride to comply with people having common sense or a half brain.
by TheUnknown21 June 21, 2019

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A vile basement-dwelling uneducated bully who came out of his/her basement to harass and indoctrinate vulnerable people into the evil murder cult to cause havoc upon nonconformists with bigotry and discrimination. Neo-Nazis are created because they couldn't have what other people have out of jealously and insecurity, they were always forced by their parents to take up the responsibilities of doing every tasks without enjoying their childhoods while mommy and daddy were off drinking and smoking, they were beaten severely by their fathers, they were kicked out of school for bad behavior to school officials and students as well as flunking with bad grades to lower their chances of getting a decent minimum-wage job, and they were taught that they are always perfect without being exposed to how making mistakes can lead them to improve for the next time. Additionally, Neo-Nazis were taught that a country, religion, race, or sex is better than all diverse countries, religions, ethnic people, and non-manly people. Neo-Nazis usually hang around in Fox News and 4chan, unlike centrists, establishment democrats or neo-liberals hanging around in corporate medias like CNN News and MSNBC News and progressive social justice democrats hanging around in media outlets, such as the Ring of Fire and Rebel HQ.
A young man was rejected by a young woman to have sexual intercourse with him after telling her as well as calling her a "sexy ass whore" during a prom date, so he became enraged and he later became a Neo-Nazi scumbag.
by TheUnknown21 June 07, 2019

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A group of disgusting and uneducated travelers who want to wreck havoc within nations outside of China. Many Chinese tourists piss and shit on the streets, on monuments, in subways, on airplanes, and in malls, fart in public in front of people's faces, spit on the streets, give the Nazi salute in Berlin, Germany to violate its laws, create graffiti on certain structures to inform people that the Chinese are superior to everyone, cut in line in front of people within stores, force people to engage in a relationship with money, and being very loud and immoral to others. Those barbarians are the worst tourists by worldwide standards, are one of the worst people to socialize with, and many people worldwide desire to ban them from entering into their nations to explore ever again.
It goes to show that Chinese tourists earning more financial stability is still isn't enough when it comes to behaving outside of their nation, thanks to their schools being shut down and intelligent teachers being tormented to death or re-educated by the Red Army under Mao Tse-tung during the Cultural Revolution of the 1960s.
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by TheUnknown21 June 18, 2019

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An ideology that the white supremacists used to promote their deceiving Nazi propaganda to paint the picture to the general public that they are the "saviors", and that they are superior to the Left-wing, Antifa, and minorities, such as Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, blind people, deaf people, women, and blacks, who should all be bowing down endlessly to the so-called "Master Race" or else they should be all massacred with torment. In reality, white supremacists ain't so master race after all, if they got their asses easily kicked under the Confederacy during the American Civil War and under the Nazi Party during World War II. Afterwards, most war-driven Nazis got arrested and were sentenced to be executed on trial by being shot to death from a firing squad and corpses spit at by the general public when the American Civil War and World War II both ceased.
In Australia, a mass-shooter is an Alt-right extremist who wants to kill as many people as possible to cope with his fear of being open to people who look different from him or they don't want to give into his desires. A mass-shooter successfully murdered 50 people with a deadly gun, but when a random person, Abdul Aziz, threw a baseball-sized ATM machine at the mass-shooter's head, the mass-shooter ran off like a total wuss, admitting his pathetic defeat and he was eventually caught by police to be sent to prison. Afterwards, Abdul Azziz was praised as the hero who prevented a mass-shooter from taking away and ruining more lives of innocent civilians.
by TheUnknown21 June 06, 2019

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Groups of hundreds of non-Chinese Yue tribes being native to the Yangtze River, where it is south of the Yellow River. About 5,000 years earlier, the Chinese (formerly called Huaxia) arrived from the Tibetan Plateau, and defeated the Hmongs as well as stealing their homeland to establish the Chinese Civilization. Many Hmongs fled southwards to come in contact to form friendships with certain Yue tribes. Thousands of years later until the Qin dynasty period, the Chinese made a lot of conquests to enslave and assimilate the Baiyue people of different Yue kingdoms, especially the Nanyue Kingdom and Minyue Kingdom, into their empire. The Baiyue people who were left behind in South China after being conquered by the Chinese, and the Sinicization was complete during the Song dynasty period, became Sinicized Viets, notably Hokkien, Cantonese, and Hakka, who acted Chinese culturally, many of them forgotten their Baiyue ancestors, and worship only the Chinese. However, ethnic South "Chinese" retain moderate traces of Chinese DNA mostly on their father side, although they preserve high traces of Baiyue DNA mostly on their mother side with small traces of Baiyue DNA on their father side as a result of intermarriages. The Baiyue people who fled to Southeast Asia and Pacific islands became the Vietnamese, Thais, Laotians, Filipinos, etc. Curiously, Vietnam means "South of Yue" to indicate that the Vietnamese came from the Yangtze River before settling in the Red River Delta.
Baiyue people/Bách Việt people, especially Tai-Kadai and Hmong-mien tribes, practiced rice cultivation, shortening hair, head dressing, teeth pulling, fishing, etc. Baiyue people are more or less the Native Americans of East/Southeast Asia.
by TheUnknown21 January 28, 2020

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A theory for people to identify and describe an animal or an object to analyze and to communicate with the world around them. People concentrate on characteristics like height, eye color, and weight to differentiate between animals or objects, instead of race, gender, income status, or nationality. For instance, a house cat is much shorter, has thinner fangs, utters "meow", and he/she is much lighter, unlike a lion who is much taller, has thicker fangs, yells out "roar", and he/she is much heavier, despite a cat and a lion belonging to the same feline family line as distant cousins to each other. Another instance is that a Smart TV doesn't feature any buttons to turn it on/off, to adjust its volume or brightness, to switch channels, its outlets are located behind it, and it is much lighter, compared to the older CRT TV. Universally, everyone and everything is a social construct, but a social construct is not everyone and not everything.
There are social construct words that are not ethnic/racial terms. Examples are "white/Roman" that refers to Europeans and Hispanics/Latinos, "black" that refers to Africans and the Australoid people, "Han Chinese" that refers to Cantonese, Hokkien, Hakka, Wu, and northern Hans, and "Mongol" that refers to proto-Mongols, Khitans, and Tuyuhun. These socially constructed words are used to unify the masses under nationalism against foreign enemies to take back their freedom and to connect to the world. I find it ironic that some people thinking about themselves as "white" or "black", still fight each other over their own individuality and are still slaves to the original white or black elites, who are tyrannizing them and eliminating their ethnic identities to make them follow a single authoritarian ethnicity in the name of the dollar and dominance. It doesn't matter what category we are placed under. In other words, slavery never ceased; slavery has just evolved.
by TheUnknown21 January 29, 2020

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Refers to the increase of the earth's temperature in the atmosphere. Climate change is formerly known as "global warming". Climate change is caused by fossil fuels, oil, and coal being burned out and pumped out by factories and cars into the air. Other causes of climate change are deforestation and plastic garbage disposal in oceans. As consequences of climate change, sea level rise, hurricanes, wildfires, droughts, and famines are creating chaos to earth's biodiversity. Not to mention more species are being wiped off from the face of the earth in the 6th Mass Extinction and humans will be the next to become obsolete, similar to what happened to the dinosaurs about 65 million years earlier. Humans are the main contributors to climate change. Once the earth becomes extremely hot and toxic to inhabit, it will enter into another Ice Age to cool itself. Some ice will melt along with air and water purging themselves of carbon dioxide to stabilize earth back to normal temperature. The earth will recover from climate change in millions of years later, but most of the biodiversity will not.
Many humans are pathetic wastes of space and they are devastating lives for innocent species on this planet, so they deserve to choke on poisonous air, to starve to death from killing so many animals for food, and to perish from dehydration via depleting fresh water, which mostly comes from ice caps and rivers. The younger generation, who is now protesting to stop climate change, will hold a grudge against the older generation. If humans want to prevent a continuous strengthened climate change from occurring within 10 years or so, humans should cease using fossil fuels, oil, and coal in favor of green energy, such as solar, wind, and water, stop cutting down trees to spare more food for animals living in forests, reduce intake of animal meat consumption to eat more vegetables like the Buddhists do, recycle more plastic objects, cease on throwing away abundant fresh food and water, and use less technology to spend more time with people in the real-world. In effect, we will be able to live long enough to colonize Mars and other planets before the sun engulfs the earth to destroy it in billions of years later, except that we will mess up those planets in a similar fashion as on earth....
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by TheUnknown21 February 20, 2020

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