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Someone who uploads youtube videos, particularly someone who has some what of a fan base. Although it can mean anyone in youtube, it specifically means someone who makes videos.
Bob uploaded a new video.

Bob is a Youtuber
by SomeoneWhoMakesDefinitions October 27, 2013

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Yeah yeah get on with it! Where is the food in this place?
Hurry up with this wedding! I wanna go home!
by SomeoneWhoMakesDefinitions November 03, 2013

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An over used word meaning taking a picture of your self. This is mainly used by people who are too lazy to say "take a picture of myself" or people who get obsessed with everything that's popular until it gets over used. Selfies are usually posted on Instagram, Facebook, etc.
Sally: What are you doing?
Sarah: Taking selfies with my phone
Sally: Sarah, we are at the movie theater. Will you ever put that thing away?
by SomeoneWhoMakesDefinitions November 24, 2013

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The most popular and addicting app out there
Bob played Angry Birds for 15 hours straight.
by SomeOneWhoMakesDefinitions October 30, 2013

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