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Youtube Whoring is the definition of making yourself into an E-slut on Youtube for the purpose of money. Youtube Whoring brings down the quality of many things from video games, to hobbies, and other stuff. Youtube Whoring is basically a virus. When one person gets major dough off of it, many people will get infected with it and soon follow.

They may do Youtube Whoring for money, for attention, to be a "celebrity" or in rare cases, recruit people to join their cult.

You can tell if someone is Youtube Whoring if they have a Youtube partnership, always beg for likes/comments/subscription, if they get money with little to no effort, and if Youtube gets a lot of money off them as well.

People who are notable for Youtube whoring: Pewdiepie, Tobuscus, Pewdiepie, Fred, Pewdiepie, Black Jesus, Pewdiepie, Any big name LPer, Pewdiepie, Many big name bloggers, Pewdiepie,
"Hey dad have you seen the latest Pewdiepie video?"

"No James, I didn't because I know he loves to do a lot of Youtube Whoring up on this joint."

"But Pewdie ain't no Youtube Whore-"

"You are no longer my son James!"
by Major Bosshog June 17, 2013
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