Abbreviated version of Youtube. Also can be used as Utube.
by TheWordiestWordy123 March 7, 2018
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Youtube: Broadcast Yourself.

A website to talk, and make friends, as well as having every video you could ever think of watching.
Has almost every song or comedy clip, ever created.

Sort of like myspace, you can edit your channel, make friends, send messages, write about yourself, but is more centred around those who have a similar interest, and rather than adding your real friends, as you would on myspace, you add other people who are interested in the same stuff.
You can share videos, make videos, post them on youtube, and tag them, as in photobucket and tinypic.
"I love that new song by Madonna. I am going to watch it on yt.", or "my yt friend has deleted her account."
by JaneCosmo May 22, 2008
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an AAVE (African American Vernacular English) acronym for the word "white", referring to a Caucasian person.

NOT pronounced literally as y-t ("Whitey")
P1: Are u going to the party?
P2: Nah, it's just gonna be yt people there. I'm not trying to be the only poc
by ItsaJessMess March 17, 2021
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you there?
are you there
by March 15, 2009
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white person/whitey (say the letter Y aloud followed by the letter T. you’ll hear it)
*tiktok trend showing how yt girls dance*
by sleepyslopp June 8, 2021
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It means YOUTUBE you idiots. It’s been like that since 2015 (or older)
Person 1: yt people are the cause of all of our problems
Me: never knew there’s a race called youtube 😹👎🏼
by ZΣPH Ψ January 7, 2022
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in tiktok terms, this is basically a nickname for caucasian people. but, if you want me to completely explain, then it’s an abbreviation for whitey. aka one of the words used to make fun of white ppl.

also, unnecessary but fun fact, i fr used to think that mfs were saying "youtube ppl" like some ace family type shit
"i hate yt twinks, they’re so annoying and all they do is base their personalities off of overusing aave and black women.”
by chuusouljaontt June 2, 2021
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