translates to "you there?"
when asking if a person is available at the moment or possibly if the person you are speaking to fails to respond to a series of messages you have delivered. Primarily used when either text messaging or instant messaging.
Billy: "Hey I was wondering if you were going to the clam bake."


Billy: "yt?"

Bob: "Oh yeah! Sorry, yeah I'm still here; although I won't be able to make it tonight.
by blackjack747 June 16, 2008
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Youtube: Broadcast Yourself.

A website to talk, and make friends, as well as having every video you could ever think of watching.
Has almost every song or comedy clip, ever created.

Sort of like myspace, you can edit your channel, make friends, send messages, write about yourself, but is more centred around those who have a similar interest, and rather than adding your real friends, as you would on myspace, you add other people who are interested in the same stuff.
You can share videos, make videos, post them on youtube, and tag them, as in photobucket and tinypic.
"I love that new song by Madonna. I am going to watch it on yt.", or "my yt friend has deleted her account."
by JaneCosmo May 22, 2008
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Montblanc, "YOOSE A YT, KUPO."
Nigga, "No wae. eye um nut a yt, stfu." *FYARZ GATZ N BOOLATZ FLI*
by Fap October 06, 2003
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Yours Truly; the speaker him- or herself.

From the book "Snowcrash" by Neal Stephenson.
He's got to go to work. Unlike Y.T.
by The Grammar Nazi July 07, 2002
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"young teen" or "young tits". A sophemore, freshman or younger hoe that munches most any upper classmens dick. They especially crave for any college dick and are great to get drunk for a nice quicky. This definition is believed to originate from State College, Pennsylvania, home of Pennsylvania State University. At the local high school, State High, many YT's enjoy a buffet of college cock.
"Yo, frat kegger tonight, gonna be tons of YT's."
"Last night I was totataly shit faced and I nailed some YT."
"Hey YT suck this!" "Sure!"
by Leachiro May 16, 2006
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