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Such a cesspool of illiteracy, misogyny, racism, idiocy, hatred, violence, barbarism, intolerance and general lack of humanity has not been seen since the middle ages.
Youtube comments, approach with caution lest you wish to be stripped of all that makes you human. The unreputable proof that there has been no evolution, god made us retarded.
by Sanitykiller January 02, 2010

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If Jimi Hendrix is Jesus, then Van Halen is Saint Peter.
"Holy shit," Someone watching Eddie Van Halen play.
by Sanitykiller June 17, 2009

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A British band formed in 1968 with an amazing amount of talent and the most insane fanbase imaginable. Granted, each member was great at what he did and that they will remain one the greatest rock bands ever. But despite that, not all their songs are that grand and many of their albums are full of average to above-average songs and a few really good ones.

It's their fanbase which really ticks people off and is making me almost reject their music itself. Talk about any band and some LZ fan will butt in and say "Led Zep is best!". They religiously treat them as 'gods' of rock and the slightest criticism results in a crazy hissy fit. It's like criticising it really is against the law. You're aloud to criticise any band in the world whether it be the Beatles or Pink Floyd but not Led Zep.
Guy 1: So who do you think are better? The Beatles or the Rolling stones?
Guy 2: Well I think it's...
Random LZ fan: Omg! Both suck! Led Zeppelin is best!
Guy 1: I't's not that great.
Random LZ fan: No way! How can you say that? Led Zeppelin are gods! They're the greatest rock band ever!!!
Guy 2: Yeah, whatever.
by Sanitykiller July 09, 2009

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