... a replicate of the devil himself. A very evil, bitter, unrealing person... This phrase has been Coined.. yes OFFICALLY coined by Sheila R.
... he was a spawn of satan ...
by Sheila Rawr September 28, 2006
Water in a glass in which cigarette butts have been left over night.
"Awww, what the fuck is this? Shit, it smells - oh God I'm gonna puke-
It's just the spawn of satan Jerry spilled."
by gunslinger666 October 15, 2010
Especially annoying animals or children.
Babysitter 1 (to Babysitter 2):Oh GOD! The Spawn of Satan has arrived an hour early!!

by Bedshaped March 27, 2007
A really annoying kid, person, or one's mother-in-law.
Adam: Hey John, who're you talking to?
John: the spawn of Satan
Adam: Ah, your mother-in-law.
by Satan's Underdog January 4, 2012
evil animals, like little dogs. also can be really annoying children.
suzannah: quit peeing on the couch, spawn!
spawn: bich, ill do whatever i want!*barks*

"damn, that five year old is like, spawn or something!"
by jessie r August 7, 2005
You: That Spawn of Satan better not be on my phone or God so help me!
by SB757 July 30, 2021
When Quakity said: "I didn't know batman was a little b-tch" He was right. Tommy is a little b-tch and Spawn of satan
by I AM SO WEIRD LMAO February 24, 2021