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Attention whores from YouTube, mostly females, who make random videos with cleavage or misleading thumbnails on their videos. The most notorious YouTube Whores are MeganSpeaks, TheReplyGirl, and LauraTickled.

Basically, cleavage is how they get views on their pointless shit-vids. On MeganSpeaks videos, so many people have flagged her videos for spam or misleading thumbnails that YouTube removed the flagging option from all her videos, but still leaves everyone with the option to give it a big thumbs down.
MeganSpeaks: "Jokes on you, I cant be flagged so fuck you"

MeganSpeaks: "My videos were not against YouTube guidelines and my flagging is disabled to protect me" (Protected by erected penises by YouTube staff)

Did you know YouTube Whores have a head on their shoulders? Huh...their boobs were distracting me from their shitty fucking video.
by Le Derpson January 30, 2012
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A person who videotapes random shit all the time and puts it on youtube almost every day and always changes the tags of their videos to make them the same as the featured ones so that they can get more views because they don't have a life and want to have a virtual one
youtube whore: My video of me driving off a cliff has 2,523 views!
normal person: How many punches does your face have?
youtube whore: what?
*punches youtube whore in the face*
by joe725 February 11, 2007
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Youtube attention seekers that annoy others with their boring and too frequent personal video logs containing their personal views and other BS that nobody cares about.

In some counter annoying comment under a Youtube video: Hey cunt, you fuckin' Youtube whore.. + some extra applicable insults.
by SuperHufter October 18, 2007
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a person making/posting videos about subjects no matter if it's ethically or morally right to do so (like make fun of other race, an accident or the deads) and thus seeking attention. the person would sell all their integrity for just a little fame on youtube.
a youtube whore is a famous youtuber blocking critics (even politly made onces) because they are addicted to the fame and won't give up any of it, even if they have to act immorally. maybe to call yt junkie, too.
by betruetoyou August 12, 2008
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someone who constantantly goes on videos and offers comments thy believe people would like for a trade of thumbs ups in a way of boosting there internet cocks.
625 people hate tacos, thumbs up for glasses guy, any type of of new symbols, and mocking cod players. this makes them incredible Youtube Whores.
by you just got told July 11, 2011
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Someone who sits at the computer for long periods of time on Youtube, linking from video to video.
Generic Person: Ugh, stop being such a Youtube whore!
Youtube Whore: But I keep finding more videos to watch!
by Pineapple235876 November 16, 2008
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