synonymous to "Fuck You!", but better; used with a high-pitched, skewed voice for more impact.
by Tinah August 10, 2005
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To train. In a prison environment to Clown someone refers to training them.Making them do what you want etc.
Boy imma clown you
by Clowner of the New August 13, 2011
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When someone makes to many jokes, whether if they are good or bad you can tell him that he really ate a clown for breakfast.
Person: If i was you, i wouldn't look in the mirror today.

Person 2: Why?

Person 1: Because you don't want to be to blame for the mirror breaking

Person 2: Wow dude, did you ate a clown for breakfast or what?
by gllxssyy August 3, 2020
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something one would say if your angry about something.
a random obscenity.
"Dude, your being such a jerk!"
"Yeah, well, f*** you and your clown shoes!"
by Giacodan August 19, 2008
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Means that you are either "capping" or speaking far from the truth
Example:Jonothan said the earth is flat

You reply with "you clowning"
by Logan the stud October 27, 2020
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