Translated from Chinglish. aka If you can do it then you should go up and do it. It's used against people who criticize others' work, especially when the criticizer it not that much better. Often followed by "no can no BB", which means "if you can't do it then don't even criticize it".
"That person does not deserve the award."
"You can you up"
by gingerdesu April 10, 2014
It's a popular phrase in Chinese, generally speaking it means " if you think you can achieve something while you are criticizing others, you go and achieve it". It always use with "no can no bb" which means if you can not achieve it, stop bullshiting" bb means talking shit in Chinese
Tyler: This chemistry thing seems to be so ez, why it takes you forever?
Me: You can you up, no can no bb
by Pz.Hu April 9, 2014
You talk a good game! Lets put some money on it. "You can you up"!
by talk2me-JCH2 February 17, 2022
Is the phrase used mainly in south florida to describe the sexual appeal of a person, "you can get it" is meant in the sense that the person (who can get it) is sexually appealing enough to the person making the statement, that at any point in time, the person can get "it" meaning sex.
"Hey wussup Maria?"

"Hey Dre, whats up?"
"I just thought I'd let you know.....YOU CAN GET IT!!!!!"
You can't do it
Son: *Rock Climbing*
Father: "You can do it, son"
Son: *Falls and dies*
Ok, let’s say someone asks you if they can have a samwich. If you don’t feel like making a samwich for them, just tell them that they can. This will give them a false sense of security for about ten seconds until they realize that you have only let them know that they are capable of having a samwich, and are in fact not going to make them a samwich.
Guy sitting at food table: Hey waiter! Can I have some queso?
Waiter: yes you can
Guy sitting at food table: k thanks
Waiter: *walks off, never to be seen again

Guy sitting at food table: *fucking dies
by The Texan Pennsylvanian November 2, 2021