1. The extreme sport of climbing large rocks, or cliffs.

2. The extreme sport of fucking extremely fat chicks (i.e. T-rex from Orgazmo)
1. Let's go to the cliff and go rock climbing.

2. Let's go find that chick chick and rock climb her.
by Brew Guy March 8, 2005
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Opposite of skiing. Sitting between two females and inserting multiple fingers into/onto female genitals (vaginal area)
Johnny was sitting & rock climbing between Jess and Laura in the back of the volvo
by Climbers630 November 24, 2014
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Drug Terminology often used in personal ads referring to smoking crack. As opposed to skiing which refers to cocaine.
Hot couple looking for a third into rock climbing and group sex.
by UrbanSuperMan January 28, 2008
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One of only three sports ever invented, the other two being ultimate disc and rock climbing.
by Wallrat March 1, 2005
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1. (n) sport involving maddd biddies

2. (v) to scale shit like its your job, then mack on the biddies who come to watch
-Hey dude lemme borrow your rock climbing shoes imma go hit up the rocks
by climbin'champ March 18, 2010
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