ez is used when someone, preferably a gamer, wins a game or gets a kill.
In games with a chat, the person usually types "ez" which means "easy".
((a shorter way of typing "easy"))
by L0CC May 27, 2018
Player1: *kills player 2
Player2: how?
Player1: ez
Player2: enjoy your meal
by Skorpion08 February 17, 2021
ez is a common exclamation used by gamers.
the word "ez" can be commonly found on pvp games such as minecraft online servers or roblox pvp games.
usually this word annoys other people,better if u say only "gg" or "wp".
Basically "ez" is the easiest shortcut to mean "easy".
i recommend u to not say it cuz u can probs get rekt by skilled players after u say the "ez" word.
Almost everyone hates this word and u can be judged as a toxic player by saying it.
ihatetoxicgamers: bro get ready to get rekt, u toxic player.
by JustSomeJoJoFan May 7, 2021
Commonly used in games to irritate other players and Say "You guys are just way too easy"
by Great Demon Lord August 7, 2017
ez is short for easy
That warzone game was ez.
by TRUMPLOVER64 November 4, 2020
This is basically what anyone says after killing you easily in some stupid hood game in Roblox, and if they get mad, they say it back.
6oqz (a random username and someone who'd probably be in the game:) *kills so and so for no reason*
6oqz: ur ez
6oqz: ffa me u wont, kid
by GhostGlee May 7, 2020
stands for "easy"
Type this in the game to be a sore winner and express poor sportmanship to brag, gloat, mock or irritate your opponents when you win.
Game : Victory
xxxEliteGamerxxx <<(sore winner) : EZ
by URMuted December 18, 2019