Kyle Broflosky's catch phrase after Stan Marsh says Oh my god! They killed Kenny! (South Park)
Stan: Oh my god! They killed Kenny!
Kyle: You bastards!

( . Y . )
by The dooshizzle February 4, 2005
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A term that Indian people frequently use when something you are in a more favorable situation than they are.
Nev: I have FIVE more classes until Spring break.
Jon: Really? All my classes are canceled tomorrow.
Nev: You bastard.

by awaka April 11, 2009
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The Lifetime channel on television. Called this because most movies shown are about women who are treated wrongly by men.
My mom watched the You Bastard channel all night last night
by Ibi Daby June 18, 2009
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One who consistently, and with explicit malice, consumes one's nilla wafers.
by Waffalova January 29, 2009
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the act of making a hilliarious joke, coinciding with the injestion of a beverage or food one in your vicinity, causing them to laugh, and make said beverage or food come out their nose, as well as making them yell 'you bastard'
1: "theres some chinese food comin out your nose bro"
"yeah, i got you bastarded"

2: "*milk shoots out nose* you bastard!"
"hahaa, i you bastarded you"
by garbage day October 3, 2006
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1) what to yell at a computer screen during those espescially trying times of server rejiggery.

2) none-too-witty-but-nonetheless-very-relevant answer to exponents of the gender factuality thesis
this issue of rijiggery don't impress me much want i want from you is for you to cope you bastard
by silencut March 2, 2009
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An act of defiance, to not come home for christmas because of ongoing conflict with your family. This conflict can be past or present.
(Incoming call from your brother back home)...Gabe you should really come back home with the family for the holidays this year.

Gabe: Happy Holidays You Bastards!!!!
by E-bag December 24, 2009
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