Cringe lel xd Cringe haHAA Im 12 btw
Guy: Hi
Kid:XD haHAA im 12 btw haHAA le Cringe
by Duall January 16, 2017
1)When something is so funny you HAVE to add an extra A on the end just to get your point across
2)an over exaggerated haha
e.g. Guy1: Did you see that lady fall over! It was classic!

Guy2: OMG hahaa
by Diahh October 27, 2010
How cool people laugh in"text language" this in my opinion is better than saying lol or ha hahaa is just simply the better choice!! Hahaa idk wtf this is!!
Guy: ur hotttttt
Girl: hahaa... sureeeeee!!
by Cooooool chickkkkkk October 21, 2017