The guy that never shuts up when he should
Yoshi: cummies uwu owo
Person 2: please leave
by I'd never October 22, 2019
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"This shit is yoshi"
"This blunt is yoshi"
"Its all yoshi"
by Indigo666 August 16, 2018
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The nickname that one can give people with the name Yoshua. The funny bro. That guy that makes people laugh and is a party type of guy. Can be a little bit weird.
"Yoshi, tell this guy the joke that almost made me piss my pants last week."
by That Reliable Bro July 08, 2014
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The shit. He is the best character ever from mario games and can kick some serious ass. Mario wouldn't be where he is today if it wasn't for Yoshi. Cute as fuck and dangerous as fuck too, don't fuck with a Yoshi.
Yoshi will murder your ass if you piss him off. Long live the Yoshi kingdom!! Love the Yoshi, be the Yoshi, eat like Yoshi.
by CrazyKiller76 June 07, 2016
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The fat bitch in a group of fine ass girls.(Their's always one.) The fat one in the group that also cock blocks because no one wants her ass.
Man, I almost had that girl's number for the late night hook up. Then the Yoshi came up and blocked.
by bigdawg7680 April 16, 2009
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