1.A green dinosaur from the Mario universe who made his debut in Super Mario World. 2.To lick a girl's vagina.
1.Yoshi is like a Car except that he is a dinosaur and Mario's bitch. 2.Last Night I did a Yoshi to that Girl who lives down the block.
by PHILRYABKIN March 2, 2009
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A cute and adorable character in Mario but is actually a bitch in literally every other way possible

Used to refer to a cute, polite and witty person with a bitchy attitude
“hey wtf that nigga who my grandma thought was cute just flipped her off”

“what a yoshi
by Caren Jhua July 30, 2018
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The fat bitch in a group of fine ass girls.(Their's always one.) The fat one in the group that also cock blocks because no one wants her ass.
Man, I almost had that girl's number for the late night hook up. Then the Yoshi came up and blocked.
by bigdawg7680 April 17, 2009
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During group sex when the receiver is being ridden from behind but not sucking, the giver from behind bashes them on the head to get the tongue working.
" who's cock do i gotta suck to get my cock sucked around here?"
by Jammindick December 3, 2016
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Yoshi is a fucking asshole which he thinks he is cool buy following what other people say. He is also a person who copies a well known person or a popular person in a classroom. He is bad at athletics and he is a dick hed. He is usualy a fucking chinese who thinks who is good at games but bad af.
by The dickboy March 14, 2019
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