A dinosaur that comes in a variety of colors with green being the most common color for a yoshi. Yoshi is both a Dino species and a Dino name.
Yoshi: Yoshi!
by InterstateDriver January 24, 2019
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Yoshi might be known for the small Mario game character but he is truly the opposite. Yoshi is HUGE. He is pretty slow but eats faster than the speed of light. Well not really... he just eats ALOT, like he will take an entire feast to school. But not a box of pizza, 4 cupcakes and a 3 gallon water bottle. Yoshi bring a few pounds of Choreshta Persian cuisine with a gluten free double chocolate chip browniebecause he is on a diet and a 2 liter heavy metal water bottle. Yoshi is a massive man who eats like a cow but is truly a very nice guy.
Guy 1: Yosh! How do you eat that much. Dudee
Yoshi: what are you talking about. This is half of what I usually eat! Ugh. I’m gonna starve.
by HolyMaster77777 February 12, 2019
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i was hanging out with Yoshi at my family reunion when my Uncle, who is a cop, showed up with his drug dog.

lets all go hang out with Yoshi!

are you chillin with Yoshi?

by Radio's Lucky Dragon May 20, 2010
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a dinosaur that gets in beeg beeg trouble with the irs
by BigSmoke40 October 23, 2020
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A tax frauding asshat that claims that tax fraud was worth every single dime.
Yoshi is my name, money laudering is my game, and commiting taxfraud was worth every single dime
by demekin October 10, 2018
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The guy that never shuts up when he should
Yoshi: cummies uwu owo
Person 2: please leave
by I'd never October 22, 2019
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