a reference to Juvenile Hall, a detention/correction center for minors, jail, etc.
I was locked up in the Hall for punching some guy at a party.
by K024 November 22, 2006
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A young girl who always has something bright on her mind. She is social yet shy. She loves to be athletic and fit. She always has amazing friends that have her back. She can't really dance. Maybe sing. But Halle is always ready to make new friends and help anyone out. She can be annoying, but that's only sometimes. Her family and friends come first. She makes good grades and loves animals! She is very loveable towards them! She is always out there for a need. She loves hugs and drawing! And lights up the room with complements. She loves to be childish. But when she needs to be mature she will. But most of the time childish!
Girl 1: "Wow that girl is really fun! I'm glad she's my bestfriend!"

Boy 1: "She's pretty too."

Girl 2: "Awe that was nice of you to say to her!"

Boy 2&3: "You should totally tell her to make her day!"

Halle: "Hey guys what's up?"

Boy 1: "Your pretty halle."

Halle: "I guess I'm going to have to hug you now!"
by Ilikepurple November 16, 2014
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The most beautiful girl you'll ever meet. She has it all as she is drop dead gorgeous, funny, kind, and downright fine as wine. If you meet Halle, you'll become addicted instantly and go through withdrawals without her. She makes bad days into great days and she can always give you a reason to smile. Anyone to have a Halle is a very lucky man.
Guy 1: Damn, dude. That's the most beautiful girl I've ever laid my eyes on.

Guy 2: You should totally go after her man!

Guy 1: You know what I totally will! I wouldn't mind spending my life with such an angel of a girl.

Guy 2: You go bro! Go score yourself a Halle!
by Hedbjt April 10, 2016
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Halle's are the most affectionate and heartfelt people you will ever meet. They are fun to be around and make everyone's day brighter by just being in the room. Halle has very good social skills and some girls are very jealous of it and hate to admit it; She has many friends that are guys. She is there for you even if you threw her under the bus. She will help you do anything. Halle's are mostly mixed race and have a strange taste in clothing. They will not let you fool them either. They know exactly when you are lying and when you are telling the truth. They are very random and outgoing, just generally fun to be around. Halle's are beautiful inside and out but hate to admit it.
Guy1: Damn, Halle is so cool!
Guy2: I know, get at her!
Guy1: Ok!
by Jacelyn1902 May 29, 2012
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Girls named Halle are very fun to be around. They are beutiful inside and out. They love to go on adventures. They make great friends. They are animal lovers and are very unique. They love stuffed animals and make great MOMs.
I love Halle, Shes a great mom!
by someone2362 March 31, 2013
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Halle has eyes that shine and glisten they often have lovely golden hair and have the warmest heart they care for everyone but will speak their mind when needed
by Daddy finger August 18, 2018
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Halle’s are a one of a kind species. They are usually the most drop dead gorgeous girls but are usually insecure and never realize it. Halle’s are always very intelligent. Don’t be fooled because they can also be a complete dumbass sometimes. They aren’t so good with the book smarts, but when it comes to street smarts they are experts. They also are very good at giving advice even though they may not have ever experienced the same thing. Halle’s are for the most part very caring and loving towards others, but be careful these girls also have a dark side. These girls are hardly ever afraid of anything and are never afraid to kick your ass if you mess with them or their loved ones. They might look innocent but believe me they are anything but. They are never afraid to pick a fight. They are also usually very capable of standing up for themselves. One of their main talents is usually being very good at telling whether your lying or not. If they don’t like you they HATE you. If she likes you, she loves you. These girls are also very easy to fall for and very hard to forget. If you meet a Halle hold on to her cause you only find them once in a lifetime.
Guy 1: Damn! That girl is drop dead gorgeous!
Guy 2: You should totally hit that!
Guy 3: Be careful bro she’s probably too smart for that.
Halle: Hey guys what’s going on?
Guy 1: Hey do you want to come to my place tonight to watch a movie?
Halle: ha ha ha that’s funny (walks away shaking her head)
by thefuckingdevil January 20, 2020
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