A Japanese goddess. The most amazing best friend ever! She is beautiful and her fragrant hair is mystically enchanting.
When she wakes up in the morning next to me, she is so yoshie!
by Asianstomps July 1, 2020
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Getting yoshied is when someone takes advantage of someone else by pushing them down to achieve their goal. This is the same as when Mario ditches Yoshi to make a jump. Yoshi, the ever loyal steed and friend is dropped in a hole while Mario gets some extra height and distance.
In Bell Hook's essay, Revolutionary Feminism, she claims that rich white women yoshied off the black women to get their extra privilege.
by traitorouswine August 10, 2017
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Yoshy is a good friend he's quiet at times but can be really funny too he only opens up to his close friends and is only himself with close loved ones he the type to play basketball or football and be an amazing person at heart maybe not the best looks but a sweet heart. He could be rude at times but is always there when needed
Woah he's such a yoshy

"Wow He/she is really a yoshy"
by AABBYYO August 3, 2017
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its when a girl cock teases you by licking your cock very fast(like the friendly dino) and then either leaving or just simply not finishing the blow job you thought you would get
i was about to get some head, but her taxi came so she yoshied me
by steven rodriguez June 18, 2008
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1. A kickass animal. Mario's homeboy.
2. To lick a girls pussy, with your long tongue, just like Yoshi's.
1. "Man, Yoshi is so sweet. He can kick ass, be your transportation, and do a bunch of other shit too!"
2. "Damn, check that girl out. I'd love to hit the Yoshi on her!" OR "Man, I wanna Yoshi her badly."
by Jordan Stevens September 14, 2007
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Disturbing reptilian creature with the abilities to deepthroat an entire turtle and either regurgitate the carapace at breakneck speeds or instantaneously form it into a sizable egg and pass it through its cloaca. It often frustrates some people with its inability to maintain either a wholly spitting or swallowing policy. Also, a reputed lover of the equally ambiguous Birdo.
Nintendo "gamer": Hey Yoshi, spits or swallows?
Yoshi: (inane gibberish possibly meaning "I will deepthroat your entire being and then decide.")
by jgthomas January 11, 2007
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