1) A delicious snack made by Totinos, they are exactly what you would think they are, pizza in roll form.

2) The coveted and favorite snack of reviewer/ serial killer Harry S. Plinkett
by lonnyandcarl January 9, 2011
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amazing little pizza motherfuckers that you can eat whenever the hell you want. even if you motherfuckingmother wont let you.
dayummmm i want me some pizza rolls.
by bobbayyy May 21, 2008
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Pizza Rolls were invented by the roman goddess Athena in 1949. They are the art of making pizza and then rolling them into a roll. They serve many purposes such as repairing furniture, using as bracelets, and eating. Don't forget to call the pizza rolls hotline 12345, or contact them by email (pizzapizza.rolls4rolls@pizzarolls.com).
"Can you repair the couch with the pizza rolls?"
by BubblegumNassau March 31, 2017
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For many centuries man has searched the snack of the gods. One day pizaro prayed for the snack and God sent it down. Pizaro named it Pizza rolls because of it's thick luxorius bread and sweet savory tomato sauce and it looked like his balls. Pizaro wanted to share it with the world so he gave it to tostinos to create the magnificent treat. Today tostinos makes them 24/7 and 90 people were fired stealing rolls.
Every day I wake up to the sweet sound of pizza rolls in my ass
by EpicGuyDerDictionary November 3, 2016
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A funny girl who will always have a hilarious answer to any question you have.
Hey Pizza Rolls! Where does the bus stop in fron of your house go to?" "Oh, that? It goes to KFC" "Hahahaha classic Pizza Rolls!
by erics & teps June 18, 2011
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A pizza roll is a bunch of something that i'm not sure of rolled into a little roll. And as soon as you bite into those little fuckers it bursts out the other end, so you have to stuff the whole thing in your mouth. Only to realize its like a mouthful of lava! Pizza-y, yummy lava! ...... but that doesnt mean it doesnt burn like shit
"hey man, I'm going to go make some Totinos Pizza Rolls"

"bring me something cold to drink bro, those things are fuckin hot! ... little shits"
by pseudonym01258912947125094 January 2, 2009
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The act of having to watch and/or listen to your friends act sexually over a video call. Typically occurring in discord groupchats.

The term originates from the fanfiction “Two’s a Company, Three’s a Mistake” written by Ao3 author horseparkour, in which main character Sapnap has to listen to his friends Dream and George have e-sex in a discord call, all whilst eating a plate of freshly microwaved pizza rolls.
My friends didn’t leave the groupchat to have their discord sex again, I hate Pizza-Rolling”
by Ollie609 February 12, 2022
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