YONS- formed from the Greek language meaning sexyness.
One sexy gorgeous brilliant cook and AMAZING IN BED. A kind-hearted, loving man who makes one happy with his attentiveness and desire to please. Wonderfully handsome and incredibly sexy, he oozes sex appeal. Fancied by all women that set eyes on him. VERY easily led astray but quick to realise his mistakes and try to make amends. Very intelligent. Sometimes pompous but not overly so. Sensitive. Funny. Brave. Strong. Gorgeous. Loves lists. A brilliant father and someone any lady would be proud to call their husband.
Yons is always right.
by MINNIE April 26, 2012
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someone who runs around trying to kiss people.
your little sister is playing yon-yon, the kissing lady. I got to hide or run from her otherwise she will kiss me and I want her to find someone else,instead of me.
by Denise Archer January 9, 2008
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Short for “yonestly” which is short for “yeah honestly”
Synonym: fax, fr, yonestly
1: dude this test is so hard
2: yon. I can’t even do it
by HerbanDictionarian December 11, 2019
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Yon is a very loveable kind of person, although they have strong outlooks on the world (etc get mad at certain fandoms)
by SuperSonicAssMuncher27 April 29, 2020
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A slang substitute for the words 'he' and 'she', mainly used in Celtic regions such as parts of Ireland and Scotland.
Did you see that?! Yon has no shame whatsoever!

I'm trying to forget about it and yon still goes off holding a crudge.
by Robert Hanly February 1, 2008
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what to say to someone instead of yo
2.yon whatsup
3.want to hangout
4.sure no problem.
by theibault November 30, 2010
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A person, place or thing whose defintion can be warped to become a yon.
Evan-->Evian-->ev-yon--> Ennce and yen yon.
Ryan--> Ryon --> Yon
Collateral--> Collateralyon?---> Yence
Mike--> Mikeyon--> Mikyin-->M eence
Josh--> Jish--> Jishyin--> Jince
John--> Johnyon--> Jinyince--> yoonjinonyinhan
Ballin--> So When I bleep yon beelps yon, Lou Vuitton belt---> where I'm keepin all my yons at.
Yon--> Yin->Yoon--> Yince-->Hoon--> Hince-->hence--> hoonce-->hanyin--> eence--.eeyenceinhan--> hooninyoninhineoonce --> Yon?
by Matthew Byrne February 25, 2007
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