Irish slang for ecstasy tablets.
I swapped a bag of yokes for a horse in 1992!
by amusingusername December 30, 2011
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Irish slang for ecstasy tablets.

Usually used by the great unwashed and scumbags with 90 degree baseball caps.
Jonny Joe Jr.- "Aww, do you have any yokes man?"
Joe Johnny Sr.- "No man, shite! I think I left them in my jacket."
by Mark Cullen April 29, 2006
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An uncommon way of agreeing with one-another. It'd be used in the Declaration of Independence and many more other historic writings.

The word has been left in the past, but will rarely make it's appearance between decades. It's currently under the category of old slang.

"Thank you for agreeing Mel!"
by b9na April 4, 2023
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When a situation or experience becomes "awkward", yet extends beyond a suitable awkward time. Instead of "Awks", one would say "Yokes". Emphasis on the extremity of the "Yokes" is displayed to through an extended pronunciation within the first syllable. eg. "Yeeeeeeeeeee-okes". This may also categorize a lifetime event, or action which occurred through out history.
Person 1: "Dude, at work today it was so awkward. I was chatting to old-mate the entire day, only to realize his headphones were in the entire time, he didn't reply to anything I said." Person 2: "Sounds Yokes as man".

*Standing in a elevator listening to awkward small talk between 2 people over a more than acceptable period of time. My friend then abrupted the conversation and out spoke in a soft deep voice - "Yeeeeeeeeeeeee-okes". The others looked at them in disgust/confusion. It defined the mood perfectly.*

Person 1: "Hey guys, I was looking to buy a 3-way modular Vacuum Cleaner please?"
Person 2: "Ummmm, you're actually speaking to the IT Department"
Person 1: "Oh oops....... Yokes"
Person 2: "Yes, Yokes indeed"
by Yokes Master July 2, 2021
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1.) Nickname, A.K.A, alias, etc for Yokohama Tires
Yo man your new ride rolling on some Yokes or what?
Yeah I got some Yokes on my 30s.
by Dirty Southerner July 11, 2008
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well muscled; powerfully built.
Gosh, that Shaq is yoked!
by charlie January 25, 2003
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