Irish slang for ecstasy tablets.
I swapped a bag of yokes for a horse in 1992!
by amusingusername December 30, 2011
Irish slang for ecstasy tablets.

Usually used by the great unwashed and scumbags with 90 degree baseball caps.
Jonny Joe Jr.- "Aww, do you have any yokes man?"
Joe Johnny Sr.- "No man, shite! I think I left them in my jacket."
by Mark Cullen April 29, 2006
When a situation or experience becomes "awkward", yet extends beyond a suitable awkward time. Instead of "Awks", one would say "Yokes". Emphasis on the extremity of the "Yokes" is displayed to through an extended pronunciation within the first syllable. eg. "Yeeeeeeeeeee-okes". This may also categorize a lifetime event, or action which occurred through out history.
Person 1: "Dude, at work today it was so awkward. I was chatting to old-mate the entire day, only to realize his headphones were in the entire time, he didn't reply to anything I said." Person 2: "Sounds Yokes as man".

*Standing in a elevator listening to awkward small talk between 2 people over a more than acceptable period of time. My friend then abrupted the conversation and out spoke in a soft deep voice - "Yeeeeeeeeeeeee-okes". The others looked at them in disgust/confusion. It defined the mood perfectly.*

Person 1: "Hey guys, I was looking to buy a 3-way modular Vacuum Cleaner please?"
Person 2: "Ummmm, you're actually speaking to the IT Department"
Person 1: "Oh oops....... Yokes"
Person 2: "Yes, Yokes indeed"
by Yokes Master July 2, 2021
1.) Nickname, A.K.A, alias, etc for Yokohama Tires
Yo man your new ride rolling on some Yokes or what?
Yeah I got some Yokes on my 30s.
by Dirty Southerner July 11, 2008
well muscled; powerfully built.
Gosh, that Shaq is yoked!
by charlie January 25, 2003
Have you got any yokes Seamus? Sorry Padraig, I sold my last one to Fiachra.
by anonymous February 23, 2004