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The plural of pussy.
"Do you know what the plural of pussy is?...Pussia! Jimmy taught me that. I need to get some of that PUSSAI! JIMMAY!"

Bunk - The Wire, HBO
by Dirty Southerner February 05, 2007

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1 : madman, lunatic for Barack Obama
2 : a person characterized by an inordinate or ungovernable enthusiasm for Barack Obama
Did you see the people attending that political rally last night? What a bunch of obaniacs.

Ignore the obaniacs, they are brain washed.

On election day, did you run over those obaniacs on the corner waving signs?

I am an obaniac, hater.
by Dirty Southerner March 18, 2008

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1.) A newbie to Gentoo Linux
2.) A Gentoo Linux Groupie
3.) Gentoo code word for booby
1.) a. That users is such a gentoobie. ( also applies to #2 )
b. We all were a Gentoobie at one time ( also applies to #2 )

2.) a. Check out those hot gentoobies. ( male or female )
b. Everyone wants to be a gentoobie.

3.) Did you see the gentoobies on that guy, ew.
by Dirty Southerner January 17, 2008

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1.) Cracking, ill, action, and happening all as one word. Used typically in questions to ask all the above in abbreviated form. Like what's crackin, is it ill, where is the action at, and what's happenin.

2.) Yet to be invented form of crack mixed with finger licking good chicken.
1.) Yo fool what's crackilackin?

2.) Damn that crackilackin was soo good. I am both high and full, just can't stop licking my fingers.
by Dirty Southerner September 08, 2008

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1 : a medical condition that occurs when a humans excitement level exceeds a manageable thresh hold, causing an interruption in the brain and the person to faint and collapse
2 : a. Barack Obama on offense or defense
b. act of offense or defense Obama style
3 : Yet to be formed musical group
Someone dial 911 or find a doctor, this guy just had a barack attack.

I don't think Hilary is prepared or strong enough to survive a barack attack.

If Obama is elected he will barack attack Al Qaeda

I had a dream last night bout this awesome band called Barack Attack
by Dirty Southerner March 18, 2008

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1. Craig's list addict
2. Person, or persons addicted to using and/or browsing Craig's list.
Dude quick looking for the chick that are into furries on Craig's list, you freaking craddict.

My brother is craddict, I am sending him to CLA ( Craig's list anonymous ) meetings.

That group meeting over there are craddicts.
by Dirty Southerner May 13, 2008

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Swift Kick to the Nut Sack
That guy deserves no words, just a sktns.

Without saying a word my X threw open the door and dealt me a sktns.

The previous system admin should get a sktns.
by Dirty Southerner October 15, 2007

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