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What you yell while grabbing something that has been thrown, intended for someone else, out of the air like a savage. Usually done to food items.
"Hey dude here's some chips."

<throws the chips>
"Aw dude. Those were for Justin!"
by ObscuritySTA June 01, 2018
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A combination of "yikes", "zoinks", and "jinkies", three popular scoot doo phrases. It is to be used to express extreme emotion.
Carly: I just ate raw fish, I think I might have food poisoning!

Jessica: Yoinkies!
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Quirky; delicious; cool; also used as a substitute for multiple terms in calculus functions
"His yoinky wife agitated the entire school board"

"This salmon sandwich tastes yoinky with these steak fries, Lester."

To find the length of 'C', apply the yoinky theorem: A squared + B squared = C squared
by Sam May 06, 2003
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