The art of completely raping the enemy team with vehicles in games such as Halo and Unreal Tournament 2004. Often linked with roadkill.

Also an announcement in UT2004, which is played if you squash an enemy in the Manta. This is where the phrase originated from.
t3h_sniper: "headshot j00 fag!"
Xan: "Die, bitch!" *squashes t3h_sniper*
by Kouen June 11, 2006
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When your a horrible parent because you gave your young child the key to the car, and he takes off driving it down the road, and then you realised you gave him the opportunity to Go Commit Vehicular Manslaughter and that your responsible for them
Ol Denis gave his kid the key fob to his Tesla, well shit, his child's gonna go commit vehicular manslaughter.
by xGLAZx December 19, 2018
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when a female is giving a male a blowjob and uses to much teeth
"i got some dome last night dude"
"non-vehicular manslaughter?"
"ya, don't want to talk about it"
by BIGsully53 September 16, 2008
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Hey want to go bowling ? No I drove past a school earlier already had a game it’s pronounced Vehicular Manslaughter by the way.
by Cheese_stick! September 25, 2021
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