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Yoink, being the opposite of yeet, means grabbing something, and whatever it is you are "yoinking", all depends on how the word was used.
Example #1 "Your dog totally yoinked that hot dog off of that table!"

Example #2 "Are those homemade cookies? ooh... yoink."

Example #3 "YOOOIINK"
by Don't Mind Me ;) July 19, 2018
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Te opposite of yeet. Instead of throwing something you grab it.
by Lilstrawb December 21, 2018
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the legal way to steal. Only requires that you say the word "Yoink" and then take desired object.
"Hey, that's a nice bottle of rum you've got there... 'YOINK!'"
by Brand September 1, 2003
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Boy if you dont stop im a yoink them shoes off yo feet.

Girl if you dont stop im a yoink that weave up off yo head.
by Pfisher03 March 30, 2019
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A sound effect created by Don Martin of Mad Magazine used to indicate the rapid pulling or removal of an object, much like 'Pow" or "Bam" would indicate a punch or hard hit in a Batman comic. Later used numerous times by characters on The Simpsons to indicate quick grabbing of something belonging to others.
"It's mine", said Bart. "No, it's mine", said Lisa. "Yoink!". Now it's mine, said Marge.
by jfdnt November 20, 2012
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A phrase appearing often in "The Simpsons" televison program used to verbally indicate one has taken something from another and fled.
"Hey, great science project, Lisa. Yoink!"
by kinsmed July 16, 2004
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1.The opposite of Yeet.

2. When you just wanna say somethin'
3. When you grab something

4. After you do something cool
"Why cant we sleep in muffins bed YOINKES?"-Josh
YOINKES( whenever you want)

After you reverse pic-pocket yoinkes!
by DeltaPanda August 12, 2019
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