The act of having an item stolen
see yoink
I used to love my woman till some bastrd Yoinked her!
by Blue Pierced Pixie March 31, 2003
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verb: 1 ) to take something by stealth or speed
2) an exclamation to indicate this type of action
i yoinked the CD from his collection.

i moved in on his girl at the late night party. yoinks!
by o dizzle dogg May 9, 2006
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I had to give the old chap a yoink before I went on a date with my mates mum, otherwise I might have jizzed all over her tight top, and thus, her wonderful norks
by chopsy May 17, 2003
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To Yoink is to jack off a guy.
I reached down & gave him a yoink.
by whatrucrayzee December 29, 2005
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to grab you dick yoink it up and down
well i've got to go and yoink my snake
by joshua morton July 10, 2004
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Yoink refers to grabbing something swiftly away from someone or someplace, adj. to steal, to take. Usually slyly with one fresh motion.
"Yoink" is a term yoinked from The Simpsons.
by Matt Dorter February 13, 2007
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