A more sophisticated and superior male to alpha/sigma males. Yogurt males are very content and respectful individuals who enjoy yogurt and the simpler things in life, such as long walks on the beach ,or enjoying a beautiful sunset while confidently eating yogurt.
Billy: Is that guy over there an alpha?
Nathan: No, he's a Yogurt male.
Billy: wow I'm so jealous, I wish I could radiate such confidence and dominance while eating yogurt.
by YogurtTruther October 5, 2021
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Extremely sexy and yogurty. They are among the top achievers of man including sigma males alike. Significantly better than shrigma males and alpha males. If you see these men with yogurt it's already over. They are mostly found in giant, tall buildings looking out the window eating their yogurt.
by I love yogurt October 31, 2021
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The very greatest type of male known to man. These males will create themselves with sheer willpower and are only born by miraculous and unexplainable births. Once born, a yogurt male will instantly decapitate all people in a twenty mile radius and absorb their biomass to create a meat cocoon. This meat cocoon lays dormant until yogurt is spilled in the nearby soil. Once the cocoon breaks open, a white, slimy man will emerge and deliver pure french vanilla extract to every communist dictator on earth before eating a hand grenade splattering and into small chunks of yogurt.
A Yogurt Male has visited our nation! Many years of prosperity for Bulgaria!
by Bingle Prime October 1, 2022
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The yogurt male is one who constantly thinks of yogurt, consists of yogurt, is yogurt
Ralph: “Dude i’m actually a yogurt male.”
by ClappySpanks September 28, 2021
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Gentlemen, Today we’re gonna talk about two types of men in this world, there are betas, and there are “child groomers!” And if you, my friend, are a child groomer, then you might just be a yogurt male, a more sophisticated, and evolved version of an alpha male who grooms children on the daily.
If you don’t take billionaire quotes from Epstein and use them as inspiration to groom little girls, then clearly, you are a beta cuck!

Number 1: Yogurt males are fans of SPOTEMGOTTEM and Pooh Shiesty, betas got no drip and no bitches! It’s quite simple! If you got Wix a little bit of a flowda jit haircut, clearly, you’re not only a child groomer, but you’re based and red-pilled. I would also definitely say that Kerber Group and Yung Kana are also good musicians that you can follow to teach you more about being a yogurt male.

This leads us to point number 2: Yogurt males are intellectuals who watch Rick and Morty and smoke weed. If you ain’t packin' huge doinks, you’re disgusting! Women are gonna fucking hate you! You gotta watch Rick and Morty, develop your mind to be a little bit more intellectually stimulated. Okay, if you’re not a nihilist, an Atheist, y’know, women are just gonna say “Ew! Ew! You’re fucking disgusting, You’re a little piece of shit, You’re small, you’re a manlet!” I’m clearly six foot seven as you can see, I’m huge!
Guy 1: Dude, that guy is grooming children!

Guy 2: Holy shit, dude! What a based and red-pilled Yogurt male!!!
by ThatDudeFromWisconson December 26, 2022
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Truly the highest peak of which man can ever obtain, to be a yogurt male is to be a child molester while eating yogurt.
He loves molesting children he must be a yogurt male!
(better than sigma)
by Dihhro dhar October 17, 2023
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A part of the male hierarchy that is superior to alpha males and sigma males. Unlike sigma males, they only follow sigma rule #69, #420, and #666. They love yogurt, and always walk around with at least 5 yogurt cups. They may also bring frozen yogurt.

Pronounciation: YO-gurt Mail
That guy is holding a tub of yogurt! he must be a yogurt male.
by iCruncher March 16, 2022
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