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Used in two forms, the former used more popularly;

1. Kg/m^2 of living materials in an ecosystem

2. Mob of people, population
Dude, look at that huge biomass of mutant radioactive zombies!
by suicidoll June 04, 2006
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When all that's left of you is your body, and your soul has evacuated... i.e. to perish, to die, often by ones own hand. Often cited in the videogame 'EVE Online' due to an affect that happens to your character when it dies, resulting in a corpse floating in space with the item category: 'biomass'.
Person 1: Hey, I just spent my last 2$ to my name on a lottery ticket and got nothing back... can you hook me up with a smoke?
Person 2: Bro, just Biomass.
by M0tan April 11, 2017
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Alternative definition of a morbidly obese ham planet/land whale.
Omg, a biomass in a Walmart wheelie cart almost ran my ass down to get his/her chubby hands on the sale cookies!
by Kodydapony February 03, 2018
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