a very healthy thing. tastes good with the crunchy stuff! everyone should eat yogurt
ahh I don't have anything good to eat that's not fattening...
-eat yogurt!
by lalala January 8, 2005
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Space Balls character made to mock Yoda of Star Wars
Yogurt: "You must use the scwartz"
by NRB May 7, 2004
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A semi-solid sourish food prepared from milk fermented by added bacteria, often sweetened and flavoured.
I opened the fridge and saw the yougurt cup. I proceeded to open the lid, inserting my rock-hard cock into the sloppy yogurt. I then repeatedly fucked the yogurt and was satisfied by the moist slopping sound and the rippling through the yogurt. I then finished in the yogurt cup and proceeded to place the lid back on and put it back in the fridge.
by PedoBear3000 August 9, 2019
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What you get if you leave milk in a cap, put it in a locker, and forget about it for a few months.
"Why is there yogurt in this cap?"

"Well it used to be milk, and, well, time makes fools of us all."
by IkeM November 2, 2003
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A word expressing something that was made with extreme talent.
What you did there was yogurt bro!
by Ephelioh October 31, 2018
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