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A man who fears noone. They say God created man equally...They were wrong.
And on the eighth day God created "YOEL".
by Friends of Yoel May 07, 2003
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loved by all ladies.
Will capture you with a smile.
Has a giant dick


Cops usually question him just because they find him so interesting

He's a lover not a fighter but don't get any ideas he can still kick your ass

He is the reason why Waldo is hiding

If he were to kick you in the face you would have to fight off the urge to thank him.
by lollypop45484 November 20, 2010
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a person with amazing looks and is very chill to hang with.

Girls love him, guys wish they were him.

He is the first man to learn from Chuck Norris.

Adam and Eve were the first people on Earth because Yoel can't stand to be with 1 girl.


He once traveled from the U.S.A to Japan on foot to get real japanese food. He arrived before he left. He is awsome.
Yoel-Chuck Norris Jr.
Yoel- The Most Interesting Man in the World, he usually drinks and when he does he doesn't give a shit.
by damn146789 November 16, 2010
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v. yowled, yowlΒ·ing, yowls
v. intr.

To utter a long loud mournful cry; wail.

v. tr.

To say or utter with a yowl.


A long loud mournful cry; a wail.
And then there was a yoel..
by Yoeling June 20, 2005
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