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Yiking is a dance similar to twerking because the just of it is gyrating your body. Yiking is when the female dips and rolls her body, and also swivels her butt from side to side. Meanwhile the guy holds her hips and grinds on her backside, it's usually done at clubs or parties more popular on the EastCoast than WestCoast and is much more difficult than it sounds. Overall if you know how to do it well, safe to safe that Undercover Freak status clearly exist.
Example: Suzie was yiking on Bob at the party last night, they were getting it in.
by Ty_Kiloni August 26, 2014
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Yiking is a twist on becoming "blood brothers" typically between two or more males. Yiking involves mixing semen from each participant in a 'high-five' style handshake where each participant applies his own semen to his palm first then completes the highfive with one or more participants. The accepted time frame varies depending on weather but typically can be performed up until the semen dries and can no longer be mixed through subsequent high-fives.
Last night my frat brothers were Yiking but I didn't join in. I'm not sure if I'm ready for the kind of lifelong commitment.

Is your teen Yiking? What you need to know about this new fad that contributes to terrorism and every other bad thing that has ever happened. Shocking report at 11.
by The pr0n February 10, 2011
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