The actual word for upset. Happens when you are mad or sad.
Don't be upsetti, have some spaghetti.
by Adi Hamster May 18, 2016
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Don't be so Upsetti, it was only a dog.
by Garroxx October 19, 2016
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To be upset
Dude: *drops free taco*
Bro: *gasps*

Dude: ...
Bro: Are you okay dude???
Dude: Yeah, I’ll be fine. I’m just upsetti spaghetti.
by merckill April 9, 2018
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Becoming mildly upset to the point you can become pink skinned, from stress.
I was upsettie spaghetti, when the teacher yelled at me.
by Pasta Boi January 7, 2020
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Bros a lil down but food will do the trick
Man that sucks ur turtle died, but don’t be upsetti spaghetti I bought you a dog.
by Bruhhhhhhhman January 22, 2019
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Did you hear about that pizza restaurant added a pizza with pineapple? Tony became real upsetti spaghetti.
by Reican May 30, 2020
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