It’s where the huskies go. Rubbing it causes blindness to fur trappers
Watch out where the huskies go, and don’t you eat that yellow snow.
by Shotinthepooper October 31, 2019
What i eat to put hair on my chest. (Has not worked yet)
Just this morning I went outside and made me a yellow snowcone.
by NasyDeez December 12, 2003
(vb) When a girl really likes a guy so much that she will do anything with him including him jizzing and then urinating on her.

(Noun): Urine mixed with jizz
Example 1
Girl: OMG I just need you. I will let you yellow snow all over my face.
Guy: I just want to be friends.

Example 2:
Guy: I was masturbating but then suddenly had to go pee. I ended up having yellow snow all over my walls.
by money$$$$$$ October 3, 2013
When a man pisses while cumming
"MMMM, yaaass baby, gimme that yellow snow!"
by Mustardo May 8, 2015
A code phrase used when someone is lying and everyone else around them knows it. Typically used around kids named Alex.
Alex(Bad skiier): Yo I just sent a 360 off a massive ski jump.

Brad: I think I see some yellow snow
Ethan: Yea there’s yellow snow everywhere.
by Smoke Chow March 8, 2019