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When an Asian man ejaculates and it goes sprays everywhere.
"Hey dude, I was in your bathroom and some I found some of your Yellow Snow on the mirror."
by swindle October 16, 2013
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Noun singular:
A a ball of pee covered snow on top of a cone. Used as a joke/trick to make people eat pee.
Jim: Here have a Yellow snow cone.
Josh: Ew it tastes like piss.
Jim: {Laughing}
by Jason Iainttellinyoumylastname January 31, 2006
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someone who smells like a Mexican pissed in their ass hole and slapped their cooter
"Gosh, she smells like a yellow snow bunny."
by Sheliah May 16, 2008
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An Asian chick that doesn't take it unless it's black. She only dates black guys
Hey Marcus, did you know that Angela was a yellow snow bunny?!
by GrranDadd May 9, 2021
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harry styles said it in an interview and all of the other members of one direction were very confuzzled
and don’t eat yellow snow
by tamara.tpwk December 14, 2021
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It’s when you pee in the snow
I said to my friend hey do you want some yellow snow it’s a lemon flavored snow cone.
by Hi it’s a me call gopher December 9, 2020
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