A phrase that your boyfriend or girlfriend will say {normally the girlfriend says it} which means "I don't want to date you, so I think that it's best that we are just friends, instead of saying "I'm dumping you". Often said because the they don"t want to hurt your feelings but. This phrase is very commonly used as a way out of a relationship.
Carol: Listen Jack this isn't really working out. Jack: Was it something I said? Carol: No not at all but i still like you so, I just want to be friends, okay? Jack: Okay I guess. *weep*
by uber_irish_pirate June 16, 2006
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The worst thing a person can say to a person after theyve broken up with them, why the hell would they actually want to be friends they wouldnt have gone out with you if they wanted to be your friend. I just want to be friends(meaning i want to be able to talk to you and for you to pretend that your talking to me as a friend with no sexual emotions attached)
by p123 January 10, 2007
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It means you are nice enough to talk to and caring enough to confide in, but you are just to ugly,fat or broke to date them. You are expected to pretend you don't like the person when they say this.
This guy is really nice but he is just not good looking enough for other people to see us together so I told him " I just want to be friends ".
by Qxuxateimporta August 21, 2008
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