A horribly mutilated penis, or a disgustingly mutilated man.

Often done on helpless babies without anaesthetic, this surgery removes one of the most sensitive parts of a person, and leaves the other one dried-up and wrinkly.
Person 1: I was circumcized at birth, without anaesthetic... I wish my parents left the choice up to me.

Person 2: I'm sorry bro, I'm not circumcized so my penis doesn't have a scar on it.
by ReasonIsRare May 18, 2010
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I just got me a new TV set down at circumcity
by Chuck February 19, 2004
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Over analyzing something that usually doesn't need much thought; looking too far into circumstantial possibilities.
Worrying about who your third string QB is when you have a pro bowl starter is just Circumcizing The Mosquito a little bit.
by billythekid9797 September 26, 2016
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Someone with a penis so small they feel compelled to over exagerate and exaserbate every situation to the fullest!

A terrible drain on society who can expect to acomplish no more in life than my semen will in going down the shower drain!

See also Allan!
You over circumcized fuck you remind me of allen!

Man i can see why you are so angry! The doctor created one over circumcized fuck! (girl said to allen)
by The Magnum March 18, 2008
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