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Yalam refers to people who are very irritating and create havoc and chaos in the society. It is also a form of insult to people who shout "Itu Anjing!" ,"Bodoh" or "Babi". In some places, it is also taken as a joke to call Malay students or students who learn Malay this name.
"Darius! Why are you such a Yalam! Can you not create chaos in class!"
by Shaun Lau Li Yin September 21, 2017
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Is the meaning for people with really fat ass with the name khairul. These people modify their bikes and skatboard all day in your neighbourhood and disturb you by shouting at you saying ' Eh kau bodoh la sial' Something like that
Kok Wei kai and family are yalam
by Slurpeer April 02, 2013
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a group of idle losers playing soccer in your neighbourhood all day and making lots of noises. FYI, they are most of the time, black in colour.
thaddeus is a Yalam
by seraphy91 March 04, 2009
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He who creates fake facebook accounts of a celebrity and then in a laughable attempt to fantasize about being the celebritiy's romantic other half, is stupid enough to publicly list himself as that celebrity's boyfriend on facebook, so that millions of people can witness his stupidity.
A yalam, from Malaysia, in action on facebook:

his unique user link is: facebook dot com/billyjt
the user id of the fake account he created is: facebook dot com/profile.php?id=100000078430483
by Hahaha07 October 23, 2010
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A bunch of egoistic trash that modify their mitsubishi cars for attention. They spend 20years of their hard earned money on goods for showing off but it's not even expensive.
My dad could easily afford 30 of those shitty cars that yalams use to show off.
by ToxicGod October 24, 2017
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Yalam are people that likes to loiter around corridors and corners after school, while smoking and riding e-scooters.
A group of Yalams were spotted taking drugs in the corner.
by Yalamiscoolzz123 May 30, 2018
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And they usually have a dumb friend called "Zachery Zheng". They are usually from Indonesia. They are dumb. They will usually bustard you.
Don't be like Yalam please.
by Yalami January 20, 2017
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