A race that resides mainly in Malaysia but can be found in Singapore, Brunei and other countries. Makes up the majority of the population in Malaysia. Interestingly enough although they claim to be natives of the country, they do not actually originate from Malaysia. Even so they are given many privileges, including housing, education and business contracts over the other races. They also seem to perform poorly acedemically and in a general consensus taken in 1998 from all high schools, they was a worrying gap between their grades as compared to the other races. However, they remain an integral part of the community as they make up the majority of the manual labour work force.
Malaysia consists of many races, mainly malay, chinese and indian.
Zakaria is a malay girl.
by AdamJones September 21, 2007
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Malay is an ethnic group of people who first arrived in the Malay Peninsular and are believed to have come from the southern parts of China. Their main language of communication is Malay with several types of dialects.

The Malay race can be found in Malaysia, Singapore, Southern Thailand, Brunei and parts of Indonesia.

This race is also defined in the Malaysian Constituition as : " A person who is a Muslim, goes by a Muslim name, Speaks the Malay language at home with their family, and practice the Malay customs and culture". This definition has somewhat included the Indian Muslims residing in Malaysia to treated as a Malay.

A wider net of this is also casted on the Malaysians of mixed lineage of which one of their parents are also Malay and that they now go by a Muslim name and practice the Malay customs.

A person born in Malaysia with mixed parentage of which one of them is ethnically Malay and do not practice the Muslim faith and Malay custom and do not go by a Muslim name cannot be considered a Malay. In the Post Independence era of Malaysia this is practically an impossibility as all Malays need to be a Muslim and that anyone marrying a Muslim must convert to Islam before they are permitted to marry. However in Pre-Indepence Malaysia this was possible resulting a person with Mixed Chinese and Malay parentage be called Baba or Nyonya. Unfortunately Baba and Nyonya's now are considered Chinese and are not entitled to the rights and previleges of other Indegenous people in Malaysia including the Malays.

In Malaysia, the Malays are usually made up of the most elite to the middle class. There is also a huge group of Malays who will never make it out of poverty as they do not have the political connections to bring them out of poverty.

This is a group of people who are very advance in terms of political science and social science. So much so that the other major ethnic groups in Malaysia are outsmart by the Malays and still do not know the fact. The Chinese and the Indians in Malaysia keep thinking that they deserve to be treated better and that the Malay mentality is inferior to their own detriment.
Tun Tan Cheng Lock was a Baba as he is not a Muslim he cannot be considered a Malay hence is not entitled to privileges like other indigenous groups in Malaysia.,
Dr Mahathir Mohamed is considered a Malay as he practices the Muslim faith and goes by a Muslim name and he also practice the Malay custom at home.,
A Malay person will be entitled to special rights according to the New Economic policy practiced in Malaysia,
A person immigrated from neighbouring Indonesia in to Malaysia will be accorded special rights and previliges as a Malay as long as he is able to get an identity card.,
A Malay is a person who speaks Malay as their mother toungue,
by Locitan September 10, 2007
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Malay, Malays, Melayu
Malay is a race of people who are often subject to racial discrimination and stereotypical prejudices by the narrow-minded people of other races. (NOT to say that other races are narrow-minded, with the exceptions of several of those who are overly radical anti-Malays).

A majority of Malay people emphasize on ethical customs, are actually very competent and capable.

With the growth of urbanization, malay traditional customs tend to be combined with Western culture for the lifestyles of several Malays inhabiting this world.

Malays do not ONLY reside in Malaysia. They also reside in Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei and a lot of other countries.
by Izzati June 10, 2006
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The leader of the squad. The most sexy one. Has no fears, asked rayne out and is still going strong. An absolute beast overall.
Malai is the person of the century
by Malai’s Right Hand Man June 06, 2021
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It is a race in Malaysia, once known as Tanah Melayu. One of the three popular races in Malaysia, but highly populated than the other two, the Chinese and Indian. Malay people is mostly fair skin and have an average height. Malay people are Muslims which are the believer of Islam.
Are you a Malay?
by what'sthis? June 05, 2015
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Meaning 'The Sun deity' as per Hindu mythology, wielder of divine knowledge and skills equal in prowess to Lord Krishna.
Malay is a warrior from sat yuga
by Hadea July 12, 2017
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Over the generations, many people have been minding their own business, getting on with life, and just generally having a laugh. There are a certain group of people that like to put stops to this as violence and some come to the point of being hospitalized after being Malayed. The term can be used in many ways, but the main form is when one is randomly aggravated by an angry group of malaysian youths who are too big for their boots. Those who are malayed usually end up with cuts and some even stab wounds, as being malayed also refers to one being layed off by a group outnumbering you and/or someone or a group of people using weapons agains the classic one on one fighter to get their advantage over their scrawny counterparts.
John: Shit man, the other night i just got randomly attacked by a bunch of caramel kids out of nowhere when I was out for a smoke, now look at this cut!

Mark: Oh shit man! You definetly got malayed.
by TheBestestBrittest November 01, 2009
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