The absolute positive energy, an aggregation of all the good aspects existed; the basis of life; the fundamental belief of human being; the embodiment of faith.
-Life is hard.
-No worries. May Zheng bless you.
by Holomorphic May 01, 2014
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A piece of shit who picks the pe teachers anus named Zheng.
Zheng is used in a sentence describing shit, for example 'The Zheng was huge and stinky'
by Loipol October 19, 2019
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(V, Chinese; "jung") To own oneself with extraordinary vigor, esp. to incur spectacular and lasting injuries; to painfully fail
Dan broke both of his kneecaps at the swing dance. He really zhenged himself.
by hub09 December 08, 2008
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Known in the chinese culture as a goddess who possessed mongo powers.
A alcoholic who made the #zhengadidit campaign to stop other alcoholics from drinking and save people’s lives and kept up with her end of the deal for about 3 weeks and then got onit with her mum and after then ruined her campaign and became the goddess she is to this day by being a absolute legend.

Amy Zheng is the best friend you’ll ever get there for everyone doesn’t judge others and it’s just a absolute legend
PERSON 1 Omg is that Amy Zheng I heard she is a absolute legend
PERSON 2 she stopped drinking.
PERSON 1 no she is drinking again she was onit with her mum last night
PERSON 2 AMYYYYYYY-Y! Get over here you Asian!

Amy Zheng ohhhhh PERSON 2 gimme a hug
by Kiki II April 05, 2020
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A man named Zheng Hao is a good friend with a kind heart and compassionate soul. He will have love for his friends and those closest to him, even if you are damaged or have been through tumultuous times. He is shy, unsure of himself and often introverted, but will flourish under safe environments and nurturing companionship. He may suffer with self confidence but his resolve for change and grit will carry him beyond any struggles and hardship life may throw at him. A great friend and companion, he cares for his friends in the ways he can - silently and without expecting anything in return. All who meet a Zheng Hao are fortunate and should never take him for granted.
Zheng Hao is a really good guy...he sent me all these encouraging messages when I was down.
by crumblycookies May 13, 2020
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