In Chinese characters, the character pronounces as "Wei" can have a lot of ways to write it. For example “魏,喂,为,位” and a lot more. For this definition, I am explaining the word “魏” here.

For those who are not speaking Chinese or anyone unfamiliar with the Character "Wei", it pronounces as "way" in English instead of "wee" or anything else.


1. Chinese last name

2. A country in Chinese history during the Three Kingdoms and ruled by Cao Cao. Also known as Cao Wei.

3. Name of Chinese Dynasties, include Bei Wei, (Pei Wei) and Xi Wei.

4. A country during the "Seven Warring States" period.

Always cool to look things up if you are interested. :P
That guy who just ran a 100m has the last name of Wei".
by Why Do U Care What I'm Called December 5, 2019
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God of Taiwan, supreme ruler of all of China as well.
Don't say that, or Wei will reign fire upon your house.
by Joshua, God of North America. January 24, 2005
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1. <n> an embodiment of a creature from venus who would cut off 4 inches of hair rather than to study for her econ test
2. <n> that girl you know who enjoys cute little surprises but does not admit her hopeless romantic side
3. <adv> something preceding positive adjectives
4. <n> somebody easy to talk to, hard to approach, and at times hard to impress...can you blame her considering the types of guys she's met?
by wei December 23, 2004
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Someone who wants to get some charcoals and some roadkills.
Hey, Look at those meats, they are expensive. Just get charcoals and roadkills, c'mon Wei .
by CrispyChickens June 13, 2008
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1. a girl who likes to blurb and swim around like she's a fishie
2. a girl who adores Leon Burstein
That Wei is Wei Cool.
by wei July 18, 2004
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1. Someone who grew up too fast, thinks maturely but like a bitter old man at the mere age of 15.

2. To have been wei-ed.

3. Someone who promises something, but takes forever to do it just because there is no time limit.

4. Someone with a shoe fetish and good family values
You just got Wei-ified.

I am the Wei-ness.
by Merffles October 8, 2006
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Wei is the term to describe a young, homosexual male with ugly features unlike any human. Wei is reported to elicit a foul smell to go along with these terrible physical deformations.

The character wei was first made in the book "the wei of the world" which featured an actual bucket of vomit on the front cover.
"Dude, look at that "wei" sad...."
by Kumaresh November 7, 2007
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